Tom Wooning

Drs. Tom WooningBuro T.O.M. (Top Of Mind): Interim Management & Strategy Consultancy

According to colleagues and clients I am an authentic and inspiring leader with lots of energy and a real zest for living. My experience ranges from managing brands and product portfolios to leading teams and local marketing and sales organizations for multinationals in different countries.

Buro T.O.M. strives for growth of business, organizations, teams and people. Growth is driven by focus and the right focus can be obtained by providing clarity and insights.

On a personal level my driver is to create value and to add value, to broaden my horizon and to always keep on learning.

Profiel T.M. Wooning

  • Strategic thinker with down-to-earth mentality
  • Connector and motivational inspirer
  • People manager and team builder
  • Creative marketer

  • Diensten Buro T.O.M.

  • Interim Management
  • Strategy Consultancy